Today in Labor History September 5

Today in Labor History1700s

Today in Labor History September 5, 1793: The French revolutionary government began their Reign of Terror.

September 5, 1794: The Jacobins arrested radical democrat priest Jacques Roux in France. He had preached for a classless society and became a leader of the revolutionary far-left during the French Revolution. Roux argued for full economic equality among all people. He demanded food for anyone who needed it and called on his followers to execute the wealthy if they hoarded it. His radicalism helped turned the sans-culottes against the more conservative Jacobins. Rather than allow the revolutionary court to execute him he stabbed himself to death in prison.

Today in Labor History1800s

Today in Labor History September 5, 1863: Bread riots occurred in Mobile, Alabama.

September 5, 1882: Workers celebrated the first American Labor Day, with 30,000 marching in New York City. The radical Knights of Labor helped organized the event. Oregon became the first state to officially recognize the holiday. Over the years, more an more states recognized the holiday. However, by 1886, workers from around the world were celebrating May 1st as International Workers’ Day, in honor of the American anarchists who were wrongly convicted and executed for the Haymarket Affair. Fearing that the May 1st holiday would strengthen anarchist and communist movements, President Cleveland pushed for federal recognition of the September holiday. And in 1894, Congress passed a bill making it an official federal holiday.


Today in Labor History September 5, 1917: Federal agents attacked Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) halls and offices in 48 cities across the nation as part of the Palmer raids against the left. 

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Today in Labor History September 5, 1964 – Elizabeth Gurley Flynn died in Moscow. Flynn was an anarchist, labor militant and founding member of the IWW before converting and joining the American Communist Party. She was also a founding member of the ACLU.

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